About Me!

Hello there and thank you for clicking on the link! 

So as you may know I am from Georgia and I study philosophy. Well heres a little bit more you may not know: I love tea (any kind of tea especially green tea!), I play French horn but can SURVIVE on trumpet and fluglehorn, Starbucks is the best, I’m involved in a really amazing student ministry at my university, and my university is Georgia Southern University! 

I’m sure there’s more that could be added to that list but it’ll work! When it comes to philosophy my favorite studies are theology and existentialism. Also I have made it one of my life goals to learn about as many religions as possible because even as a follower of Jesus I feel that understanding is the first step to true evangelism.

My true goal and what I feel is my calling in life is to be a youth minister. There are so many teens with needs that are simply not being met and I know what it feels like to not belong. I don’t want teens to feel that way if I’m their pastor. I feel God has truly called me to bridge the gap between the LGBT community and the church, a gap that hasn’t been covered in a long time, if ever. 

Thanks so much for reading some about me! More shall be added as I have time! Have a good day and God bless! <3